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 07712 168 897

Personal and professional development trainings in assertiveness, listening and helping skills and co-counselling


If you want to get more out of life, work and relationships, click on the headings below and discover how my Personal and Professional Development trainings in assertiveness, listening & helping skills and co-counselling can help you with:

Personal & social relationships
Work & business
Politics & Volunteering
Realising your potential


The foundations of healthy relating

Assertiveness is not about being more bossy or more selfish, it's the foundation of healthy relating. My Assertiveness trainings will help you learn how to communicate clearly to others what you want and what you don't want; how to handle criticism constructively and express your feelings appropriately; how to find your voice and find your choice.

Assertiveness workshops are ideal if, for example:

You find it hard to say "No" (or "Yes")

Your needs tend to get overlooked

People often ignore what you've said to them

You struggle to get the kids to do as they're told

Discussions tend to develop into arguments

Your boss keeps piling work on you

You often crumple under criticism

You lack confidence

Assertiveness skills are not just useful for problems - they're great as an everyday way of improving your communication skills in all kinds of circumstances. View workshops or learn more.


Actively reaching out to others

We all want to help others sometimes; for some it's our job. Our best intentions sometimes work less well than they could because we misunderstand or make assumptions about what the other person is thinking or feeling, wanting or needing at that moment; sometimes our own desires or needs get in the way. Learning to truly listen to the other person and to intervene thoughtfully and lovingly will unlock our ability to truly help them.

Our Listening & Helping workshops will work really well for you if, for example:

You have to break bad news to people

You find it hard to mediate in conflict situations.

Someone you know is having a very hard time and no-one else will help

It seems clear that your child may be heading for big trouble

You need to care gently and lovingly for someone, no matter how they treat you

There is chaos and you are the one who needs to tell everyone what's happening

My Listening & helping skills workshops can help in a wide variety of situations: parenting, caring, volunteering, activism and politics - anything that involves supporting, motivating or enabling others. View workshops or learn more.


Taking charge of your life

Co-counselling is a brilliant method of helping yourself fulfil your potential and take charge of your life and relationships in positive ways. It can help you get past old blocks of your own and the behaviour of others to function more productively. It will help you learn to release those outdated patterns of behaviour glued in by old emotions and learn new ones fitter for your life now. It's like a fitness programme for your psyche. What's more, it's a mutual arrangement with someone else.

Co-counselling can help you when, for example:

You are in the habit of blaming yourself (or others!) for everything

You find yourself doing the same old unhelpful thing again in similar circumstances

You wish someone else would JUST BE DIFFERENT!

You feel like a small child when the boss tells you off

You want to love some aspect of yourself more

You'd like to be able to release a load of intense feelings without negative consequences

You want to make changes to how the world seems to be

You are looking for a level of personal power that has eluded you so far

You have something to celebrate and you want to feel REALLY happy

People who know about and use co-counselling seem to get on very well at other styles of personal work. Somehow, having this tool can help with everything else. View workshops or learn more.


If you want to get more out of life, work and relationships, contact me and discover how I can help you.

My trainings are mostly run as groups and courses. I also work one-to-one with individual clients, and offer in-house or external trainings to corporate clients. Click here for my schedule of trainings.

To discuss your requirements call me, Celia Wilson, on 07712 168 897 or email me.

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